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Components of Argumentative Essay Writing


If you’re a neophyte writer and eager to learn how to write a handy argumentative essay, you must read this article till the end.

Students are often asked to write different kinds of essays. They try to write top-notch essays each time in order to score good grades.

However, some students struggle a lot writing an argumentative essay because they don’t know the basic idea and structure as well as writing this kind of essay.

Let’s have a look at the foremost measure which an essay writer should take while writing an argumentative essay. On the off chance , if you visit an online essay writing service you will discover writers who can write an astounding argumentative essay.


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First of all, it is of high importance for a writer to develop a complete understanding of an argumentative essay. It is a type of essay in which a writer has to take a solid position or stance on the given topic and then prove it to be correct with the help of raising a robust argument or arguments.

It may seem very simple for newbie writers but it is imperative to mention here that writing this kind of essay in a significant way is not as easy as ABC.

Although raising a logical argument and then proving it to be the most relevant one to the topic is not a piece of cake, yet you can write a top-notch essay if you follow some basic steps which are mentioned below.

First of all, if a writer gets a chance to choose a topic of his own choice, he must then select such a topic to write about which he must have profound knowledge. Having a firm grip on the topic gives an essay writer much more confidence to make his writing unique.



It is the most essential part of not only writing an argumentative essay but also any other kind of essay. It plays a major role in organizing and managing the scattered thoughts so that they can be presented in a meaningful way.

It helps a writer to make a roadmap of the whole writing content. Moreover, it also assists a writer to find out which thought or idea he has in his mind is the most relevant with the topic and which ideas are least relevant.

The outline acts as a filter to eliminate the least relevant ideas so that only relevant ideas can be mentioned in the writing content.



Furthermore, a writer has to go for brainstorming. It is one of the foremost important components of writing an essay. It is a process of thinking critically about the topic in order to find out the exact meaning of the topic.

In addition, it assists a writer to make a central idea in this initial process of essay writing. Brainstorming helps in coming up with a number of ideas that may be strongly relevant to the topic. It also urges a writer to look forward to raising a valid argument in order to support his point of view.


Opening statement:

It is the first sentence while writing any kind of essay. In an argumentative essay, a writer has to make it attention-grabbing to the readers. Moreover, it lies in the introductory paragraph and it usually refers to a hook statement.


Thesis Statement:

It is another statement which is the main idea or the central point of the topic. The whole discussion in the essay revolves around this main idea of the essay.

Well, if you want to score good grades and write a top-tier argumentative essay, you should follow all the aforementioned components. Moreover, you will not have to ask anybody else to write my essay any further.